The Method of Limiting CO and soot Emission in the Absence of Thermal Efficiency and NOx Sanctions in Direct Injection Natural Engines is Proposed by China

Scientists from theCATARC (China Automotive Technology, Hebei University of Technology, and Research Center) and Shandong University presented a report that it is possible to limit the emission of CO and soot in natural gas direct-injected engines in the absence of any sanctions on thermal efficiency as well as NOx through the organization of PNPI (a percentage of gas that would be injected), NPSOI (among the injection pre-injection timing) as well as FOR.

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The partial application of the premixing combustion mode to a natural gas direct injection engine was reported in the journal, Fuel, Li et al. It was dependent on a three-dimensional model that combined with a two-way fuel chemical kinetic device (natural/n-heptane gas).

The impacts of the percentage of natural gas pre-injected as well as the timing of the injection of the natural gas pre-injection were evaluated according to the outcomes from emission and combustion. For additional optimization, the moderately premixing combustion mode, the mixed usage of the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), and the moderately premixing combustion mode.

It is generally accepted that ICEs are among the most popular supporters of environmental contamination. Considering the benefits of emission lowering and management, it focuses more on natural gas engines. As of now, the highly strict emission policy requires additional innovation and emission management of the natural gas engine. The combustion in high-pressure natural gas direct injection engines is very adaptable and can be modified by altering the injection specifications for an exceedingly high performance which makes it a remarkable option for subsequent natural gas engines.

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Previous studies have shown that a moderately premixing combustion model is an encouraging method of limiting the emission of CO and PM from the natural gas direct injection engines due to its low knocking potential and high control adaptability. However, the basis of the CFD model is the previous study that was hinged on an extensive mechanism which implied that the estimations are greatly in demand for computational resources, although a comprehensive evaluation of the impacts of injection specification and the optimization of the premixed combustion model is not provided.

This report aims to evaluate the potential of a moderately premixed combustion chamber in attaining a very low emission and higher thermal efficiency.

Among the discoveries are:

Applying a moderately premixing combustion mode results in the high rate of pressure which will cause an improvement of the ITE which reveals that an improved fuel economy can be achieved from the premixing combustion mode but this can also result in an increased combustion noise. The varieties of NPSOI and ITE are accompanied by uncertainties at several PNPI while at higher PNPI, ITE will also be higher.

Applying a moderately premixing combustion mode results in an adequate mixture of air and natural gas which will enlarge the areas with a high concentration of OH, low equivalence ratio and increased temperature which will increase the PNPI although the peak values of CO and soot throughout the combustion stage will be limited together with high peak values of NOx mode fraction while at higher PNPI, it will bring about low CO and soot emissions that have sacrificed NOx emissions. Multiple optimized values are available for NPSOI for controlling soot, NOx, and CO emissions. At several PNPI due to the coordination that exists between cylinder mixing and natural gas injection.

The increased NOx emissions of the moderately premixing combustion mode eliminated as a result of the combined usage of the EGR and the moderately premixing combustion mode.

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It can be deduced for the outcomes that controlling NOx emissions can be effective with the high rate of CO and soot emissions after including EGR. Although the NGSI combustion mode might be higher than that of ITE with an excessive addition of EGR when PNPI is 30 percent, 90 percent, and 100 percent. The most effective compromise between emission and fuel economy is usually achieved at 50 or 70 percent PNPI with an EGR proportion of 24 percent and 90 percent having PNPI with the fraction of EGR at 15 percent.