The Data Scientist Master’s Program: Learning Paths Explored

In the year 2020, we have been noticing the demand of data scientist as a career option for many people. Along with demand the number, as well as opportunities of certified data scientist, have increased in a large number but an organization fails to find a data scientist who is exceptionally qualified as compared to the other fellow scientist. This article provides one with a necessary path and skill required to shape one’s career as a certified data scientist along with a minimum earning of 62833 USD to 137870 USD per year. The term “data scientist” was initially used for professional having deep analytical experience, industrial knowledge as well as certified skills which was later used for a person having an industrially recognized designation. He/she plays a role of extracting insight from a potential business irrespective of the structured or unstructured data impact. People with such designation never fail to secure a high rank in the team lead or a higher position in an analytical organization. They are in high demand starting from a small business organization to MNCs and govern almost everything, including the HR, marketing, sales as well as supply chain.


One needs the following educational qualification.


  1. A person opting to be a data scientist for his/her career needs to have a graduation degree from any of the streams, including science, commerce and humanities. 
  2. He/she must also have certifications acquired or owned from networking, internships, recognized academic qualifications and extracurricular certifications that add up to the resume. 
  3. The person also needs to have MOOCs along with self-guided learning academic courses which are both cheap or free, targeted or short and allows the person to complete his/ her own projects with an extendable time. 
  4. The aspiring data scientist needs to know that boot camps are faster and more intense than having old and traditional degrees.


So, if a person is aspiring to become a data scientist in future, he/she needs to be aware of the required educational qualifications and prospects listed above. 


Some of the advantages of becoming a data scientist in the personal as well as professional lives


Being a data scientist, and possessing such technical skills benefits a person widely and gives a kick start to their career as:


  1. A person is aspiring to become a data scientist masters himself/herself in the subject of a statistic as well as maths which benefits the organization in the field of hypothesis testing as well as summary statistics. 
  2. The person makes himself/herself capable enough to learn the Machine Learning tools and techniques which, as a result, benefits the neighbours, random forest and so on. 
  3. He/she also expertise in the data mining and acquires software engineering skills such as distributed computing, algorithms and data structures. 
  4. The specialization in the visualization and reporting techniques opens up wider prospects and provides the person with the ideas of data cleaning as well as munging.
  5. An aspiring data scientist trains himself/ herself to deal with unstructured data techniques and becomes compatible enough to learn languages such as R or SAAS, Python, C or C++, Java as well as Perl. 
  6. He/she also gets acquainted with the all capital SQL databases and database querying languages along with an exposed to the big data platforms such as Hadoop, Hive and Pig.


A data scientist not just benefits himself/herself in a technical or professional way but also acquires numerous skills that can be advantageous to them in their personal lives as well.


  1. An aspiring data scientist has the knowledge of analytical problem solving as he/she meets to approach challenges at an extensive level. He/she should employ the right approach to make the maximum use of time as well as human resources. 
  2. The person becomes an expert in communicating effectively a can convey anything and everything to the person on the opposite side. He/she can present a detailed description and a series of techniques to be presented in front of technical as well as non-technical audiences in their own language. 
  3. The person in this field develops intellectual curiosity and deal with the problem and the challenges in their own unique ways. One needs to explore the new territories as well as find creative and unusual ways to solve such problems
  4. He/she expertise in acquiring industrial knowledge and understand the way an industry works. They also study the way data is collected, analysed as well as utilized.


Specified above are all that one needs to know about the data scientist master’s program along with its career prospects.