AWS Certifications: How Do You Improve Employability and Career Advancement?


AWS certification are designed to validate in-depth professional knowledge and comprehensive experience, and even those who are already using cloud platforms often have months of specialized learning is required. But the rewards of being certified by AWS Professionals are worth it. In this post, we’ll look at some of the causes why securing one of these coveted badges will recover your career.

Pick from a variability of role and specialty certification exams designed to authorize individuals and teams to achieve their own goals.In addition to validating your technical skills, earning AWS certifications has many benefits and can help you showcase your achievements and improve your AWS experience.

Here are some of the benefits of getting AWS certified:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud services platform that provides a variety of infrastructure services such as storage, networks, databases, application services, computing power, messaging. Also provide artificial intelligence, mobile services, security, identity and compliance, among others, which allow the growth of companies. Let’s see 5 aspects that you should know about Amazon Web Services (AWS) and what are the benefits of its implementation for companies.

  1. Credibility: Being certified not only increases your knowledge of the service, it also increases your credibility. Qualification opens more doors for opportunities.
  2. Helping get a job: If you’re an expert or new, the “AWS Certified” label offers many job opportunities on AWS related projects.
  3. Skill Improvements: Obtaining AWS certifications will help improve your skill set and reduce risk when implementing AWS projects.
  4. Help build a business: Employers are looking for AWS certified employees while helping build a business. This is one of the top level AWS Partner Network membership criteria. AWS offers more than 50 services quickly and easily to businesses. With just a few clicks and no upfront costs, customers can access the essentials they need to quickly respond to different business needs.
  5. Significant benefits: As a member of the AWS Partner Network, you will receive training grants, AWS usage credits, market support and more.

Here are some other benefits of AWS:

  • There is a demand in the market. AWS is one of the most accredited certifications today, so AWS certification creates a lot of demand in the IT market. Looking at AWS growth rates, certification presents new opportunities and increases the potential for employment.
  • The need for qualified personnel: Amazon has grown significantly in the IT market as cloud services have expanded. As more and more businesses are moving to the cloud, Amazon offers a very secure and flexible cloud service. The need for many experts is increasing and will continue to increase. Get certified and you can stand out from the crowd and enjoy significant benefits.
  • Helping to gain new levels of experience: To improve and respond to the latest technological advances, new skills need to be developed. Most AWS certifications based on real-time scenarios require practice and knowledge to pass the exam. Passing the exams and earning the certification will surely demonstrate your experience in the field and will help you to attain the higher level of certification.
  • Cloud security is said to be better than any physical infrastructure and a priority for AWS.  It allow security functions to be implemented to manage the IT infrastructure of companies in a secure and confident manner. Amazon Web Services allows its clients to grow and innovate simultaneously, guaranteeing security.
  • It has developed a number of hybrid storage, networking, security, application deployment and management tools capabilities. Which allow for easier and faster integration of the cloud as a secure application in your investments. They have also developed alliances with leading companies in order to provide support when running existing business applications on AWS. All this allows companies to simplify operations and achieve the objectives set in a simpler way.
  • Amazon Web Services allows customers to use their services in an innovative way thanks to the large number of advanced features it implements, such as the range of database engines.  
  • This platform integrates capabilities to control, audit, and manage identity, configuration, and usage, enabling you to meet compliance, governance, and regulatory requirements.