A recent HR Study indicates that Employee Background Evaluation is Escalating

An exclusive HR study carried out by the HR.com’s Research Institute and Professional Background Screening Association. 

The Background screening, research study uses and Patterns in Global Economy of today was carried out to gain insights into the market trends on the method companies are improving safety into today’s global workforce concerning the candidates for screening and the intervals, the factors that determine background screening and the improved screening capabilities on the international stage.

In the last few years, the background screening of employees has become more prominent and this screening process has covered a wider range of employees than before. Additionally, part-time employees as well as volunteers are screened.

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The research report on the Background Screening Trends and Uses the Global Economy of Today can be downloaded for free. The research study was carried out through a collaboration between the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) and HR.com’s Research Institute to gain insights into the trends and usage of the recent employee background screening as well as the important features and applications that are the major determinant that ensures that the safety of the workforce is prioritized by organizations.

According to the research, the three major reasons background screening is carried out are:

83% to safeguard customers and employees.

51% to improve hiring quality

40% compulsory according to law and regulations

Considering the latest development, it looks like the background checks industry is beginning to become bigger. Employers are beginning to screen more individuals and including more criteria for non-criminal records. These screening requirements can include social media search history, employment validation, professional license validation, and credit reports. The CEO and chief instigator of HR.com, Debbie McGrath stated that it appears quite fulfilling to discover that more organizations are taking steps to safeguard their business. Even though these background screenings are performed by many firms, the major challenge is the timeframe of getting results which are caused by the redaction of personal identifiers in a couple of local, state and federal court records as well as the absence of instant access to a few court systems throughout the country.

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About PBSA

 PBSA was launched in 2003 as a non-governmental organization focused on representing the interest of the companies providing background screening solutions for employees and tenants. Currently, PBSA is representing about 90 client companies throughout the world who are involved in performing background screening services for tenants and employees. PBSA is a credible global leader in the background screening industry. PBSA also promotes and encourages ethical business operations and creates awareness of customer protection issues and privacy rights to achieve its mission of improving excellence in the screening industry.

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